Samuel Hamlin1

(2 February 1832 - 17 August 1864)
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     Samuel Hamlin was born on 2 Feb 1832 in Bennington County, Vermont, exactly one year after his brother Alonzo, if we are to believe the dates in the Fillmore county histories, though the 1832 date on his gravestone in the Cherry Grove Cemetery seems more likely.2,4,5,6,7 He was a dairyman.8 He married Nancy Maria Smith, daughter of Lott Smith and Julia Ann Ayers, in Feb 1856 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York.2,9,6 In Jun 1857, Samuel Hamlin and Nancy Maria Smith moved to Minnesota, settling two miles south of Cherry Grove in Fillmore County.10,9,6 He was (unable to calculate age) when one of the largest Souix-led massacres of all time occurred in 1862 in south-central, Minnesota. About 700 settlers -- men, women, and children -- were killed.11 He served for four weeks in a volunteer company "guarding the frontier families against the Indians" in Aug 1862.6 He was mustered in to the Sixth Minnesota Volunteers, Company K, and very shortly thereafter transferred to Company H, 8th Minnesota Infantry on 4 Jan 1864 while that regiment was on frontier duty. His first post was Fort Snelling, near St. Paul, and the regiment shifted around to several points on the Souix frontier during the winter and spring. By June the company had joined Sibley's expedition.10,12,6,13 He served as a private with Co. H, 8th Minnesota Infantry in the Indian campaigns along the Missouri river and throughout in Dakota Territory. Co. H took part in Sibley's expedition during the summer of 1864, and was involved in the July 28 battle of Killdeer Mountain. Samuel Hamlin survived that battle, and the resulting rout that drove back the Souix resistance. By August 8, his unit had moved to Two Hills, Bad Lands, Little Missouri River.14 Sadly, though, his luck had run out, and Samuel never lived to return home to his family. Samuel died in Fort Rice, Dakota, on 17 Aug 1864 at 32 of an unspecified illness.12,6,7,15 He was buried in Aug 1864 in near Fort Rice on the Missouri River, Minnesota, though a marker was also erected in his memory in the Cherry Grove Community Cemetery.16,7

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Children of Samuel Hamlin and Nancy Maria Smith


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