Emily Fern "Bunny" McCormick

(25 March 1912 - circa 25 May 1990)
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Emily F. "Bunny" (McCormick) Spillman, 1968
     Emily Fern "Bunny" McCormick was born on 25 Mar 1912 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado.1,2,3 Family stories say that the name Emily Fern did not last long. The nurses in the hospital where she was born, the story goes, tied Emily's thick shock of newborn hair back with ribbons, rather than trimming the bangs. The ribbons were tied so snugly that they gave her plump newborn face a decidedly squint-eyed appearance. According to the story, her film publicist father entered the room for his first peek at his new daughter and exclaimed, "She looks just like John Bunny!" Whether or not the story is apocryphal as told, she certainly credited her nickname to her father's remark on the resemblance, and Emily was known as Bunny for most of her life. The name "Emily F." appears only in a few official documents. She lived on 11 Nov 1918 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, Her father, S.B. McCormick, owned a theater in the center of the city. When the new came that WWI had ended, the chauffer, Nelson, took Bunny to the roof of the theater building and they watched the celebration from the top of the clock there.4 She was also attended in Graceland College, Lamoni, Decatur County, Iowa,5, and later at in Traphagen School of Fashion Design, New York, New York.5 According to Bunny, she lived with her father during this time.6 She married Donald Maurice Spillman, son of Wesley Floyd Spillman and Lola E. Lindeman, on 14 Feb 1937.7,8 She was a commercial fashion artist for the May Company, and also a successful landscape painter. She did remarkable work out of the studio in her Denver home, and this author has fond recollections of watching "Grandma Bunny" bring the Colorado mountainscape to life on her canvases.5,9 In addition to her art, Bunny was active in the Boy Scouts (unsurprising, with five sons), and served as editor of the Colorado State PTA Magazine for several years.5 She was ordained as an Elder in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS, today known as the Community of Christ) in Nov 1985. She was one of the first women ordained by the church.5 Emily Fern died in Manor Care Nursing Center, Aurora, Adams County, Colorado, circa 25 May 1990 after a prolonged illness.1,9,5 She had five children.
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Children of Emily Fern "Bunny" McCormick and Donald Maurice Spillman

  • Wesley Barret Spillman (additional info suppressed)
  • Craig Garret Spillman (additional info suppressed)
  • Donald Wayne Spillman (additional info suppressed)
  • Gene David Spillman (additional info suppressed)
  • Michael Dennis Spillman (additional info suppressed)


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