Hamlin Overview

Descendents of Simeon Hamlin, ME/VT » MN » NE » CO

The history of the RLDS Church figures prominently in the fabric of the Hamlin genealogy and that of the allied Sweet and Smith (yes, that Smith) lines. The Hamlins and Smiths originate from Maine and Vermont, and moved to Minnesota with some of the first settlers in the area. There they crossed paths with the Sweets (formerly of Ontario) and sent branches out all over the American west. My branch is primarily found in the Denver, Colorado area.

It is commonly accepted that the Minnesota Hamlins are related not-too-distantly (cousins or nephews) to the Hannibal Hamlin who served as Abraham Lincoln's first vice president. There is certainly more than a passing resemblance judging by the comparison of family photos to the busts and statues, and both families originate from the same general area. Unfortunately no other documentation has been found yet to lend weight to the claim. Detailed research must be done on the Maine Hamlins to determine what connection, if any, exists.

The Sweet family that allied with my Hamlins is represented here primarily by Emily Barsheba Sweet, who married Henry F. Hamlin in 1881. Her ancestors—Sweet and Resco on her father's side, Brown and Dumprope on her mother's—all immigrated from Canada in the mid-1800s.

Also represented in this site are my paternal grandmother's McCormick and Barrett ancestors; families I find fascinating, though still enigmatic.

In addition to my own effort, my Hamlin research features the generosity of cousins like Steven Walker, who introduced me to the unbelievable treasure trove found in Herb Hamlin's Pony Express newspaper sharing stories of life on the frontier, in addition to sharing family pictures and most of the tombstone pictures found on this site.

Living people are largely excluded from this site. Please see my site disclaimer for further explanation.